diako azizi

Daiko Azizi

Webdesigner, Motion and VideoEditor, Graphic Designer and 3D Designer

It’s Diako, I Hhave Been Worked in Graphic Design, Motion Graphics, Video Editing and Web Design, Since 2010 I have Been About 12 Years of Experience Working With Various Companies. My Specialty is in Making Advertising Teasers and Motion Graphics and Working with After Effects and Premier Pro software, But My Supplemental Resume Includes a Variety of Logo Design, Banner Ads, Website Design and Various 3D Design.


From Basic Ideas to Individual Integrity,

Motion and Animating

Designing, animating 2D and 3D graphic designs and making promotional motions and logo motions for Iranian and Canadian companies

3D Design

3D Design of Logos, Products and Brands for Local and Other Foreign Companies

Graphic Design

Logo design, Banner Design, Product Packages, Graphic Design for Social Networks for Iranian, European and Canadian Companies

Video Editing

Editing and making all kinds of videos and clips professionally and making advertising teasers for domestic, European and Canadian companies


Motion and Editing

Adobe After Effects

Adobe Premiere Pro

3D Design




Adobe Photoshop


Grphic Design, Video and Motion

Working With Canadian and European Companies to Design Logos, Motion Logos and Make Advertising Teasers, site Design, for Various Canadian and local Companies

Motion and Video Editing

Making Mdvertising Motion Graphics for Social Networks Instagram, Facebook and Twitter and Making Various Advertising Teasers for YouTube for local and Canadian Companies (Alexvisa, BestPartyArt, Vvisa and etc.....)

Web and Video Markting

Website Design and Video Advertising Services, Making Introductory Teasers, Advertising Motion Graphics for Social Networks and Making Clips and Editing Advertising Teasers, Various 3D Designs of Logos and Products for Fusionchain (Blockchain Company)

WebDesigner and Motion Graphics

Motion and Banner Design, Various Motion Logos for Social Networks and TV Teasers Began. Start of WebDesign Collaboration for Two Local Companies, Baya and Tarahantarsim

Design website and Grphics

I started working as a freelancer in 2010. I designed websites for companies and small businesses. I have been beginning working with tools like Photoshop for design and WordPress for building websites

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